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Hankook Tire Opens New R&D Center ‘Hankook Technodome’

Hankook Technodome
Rashed Al Sakran - Al Riyadh
2017-07-16 14:20:17

    Hankook Tire recently inaugurated ‘Hankook Technodome’, the new central R&D center in Daejeon, Korea, as the company headways into becoming a global top-tier brand based on technological leadership.

Hankook Technodome is an embodiment of Hankook Tire’s strong commitment in R&D innovation, and will act as a core instrument of the company’s global R&D infrastructure. At the high-tech facility providing optimized research environment, Hankook Tire plans to focus on securing original technology for the future of Hankook Tire’s mid-long-term R&D plans, and to lead the latest tire technology and world class quality. The new R&D center will also play a pivotal role in implementing Hankook Tire’s proactive corporate culture by innovating the working process, and continuously strengthen the company’s R&D capability to step towards top-tier Company.

On this occasion. Marwan Bin Shihon, VP of Bin Shihon Group, authorized distributors of Hankook Tire in Saudi Arabia, said: “Hankook Technodome is equipped with the high tech facilities and the optimal work environment to strengthen our global competitiveness through innovation, while actively dealing with rapid changes in the business environment and delivering products optimized for various customers’ needs.”

Hankook Technodome is ready to further strengthen its technological leadership to effectively tackle rapid changing business environment of automotive industry as new technologies such as electric vehicles and self-driving cars prevail. It is equipped with various state-of-the-art research and testing facilities. The R&D center has introduced Driving Simulation system as well as 'SPMM (Suspension Parameter Measuring Machine)' to carry out virtual tests and record digital results. At the Hankook Technodome, Hankook Tire will showcase future technology integrating eco-friendly material, new material development, and simulation technology as well as networking technology.

Also, Hankook Tire plans to fulfill its indigenous corporate culture dubbed “Proactive Culture” via Hankook Technodome to solidify its position as a global top-tier company. Under the 'One Company Concept', 10 independent offices and laboratories are housed under the same roof to symbolize that all the offices are of one company. Also, the center arena was created for employees to organically enjoy comfortable and active communication.

inside the Hankook Technodome

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