First English Daily Published From The Saudi Capital | 26-09-2017 04:49

American appreciation

2017-07-16 17:44:27

    Global appreciation for Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism efforts has once again confirmed the Kingdom’s determined efforts to stamp out terror-mongers wherever they may be – East or West.

Saudi Arabia has declared war against terrorism ever since it raised its ugly head decades ago. The Kingdom is aware that the war on terror is multidimensional, requiring multiple efforts at various levels. In view of this, it has been constantly upgrading it anti-terror mechanisms, even as it continues to crack down on financiers of terrorism.

In this endeavor, the Kingdom has often had to pay a political and economic price. It confronts nations known to spread extremist thought and support terrorists. But it continues to fight terror, undeterred. Terrorists know no religion or ethnicity. It is humanity that suffers at their hands and the blood-thirsty agenda they nurse.

In his conversation with King Salman, US President Donald Trump paid rich tributes to Saudi Arabia’s dedicated counterterrorism efforts. The praise coming from Trump, who is known for not offering shallow courtesies, confirms once again that the US is aware of the Kingdom’s peace efforts in a region neck-deep in turmoil and blood-letting. Saudi Arabia has utilized its position in the heart of the Muslim World, and has invested its political and economic weight in creating a regional counterterrorism coalition.

Trump also hoped that the victory over ISIS in Mosul will lead to the defeat of other terror elements in the region. This clearly indicates that the US relies on the Kingdom to take on terrorist supporters and financers active in the region, whether nations or private organizations.

America’s support to the Kingdom’s anti-terror efforts has surely come as a shot in the arm. It belies reports originating from hostile countries of the Kingdom’s credibility in the fight against terror. Such malicious reports will not have any bearing on the Kingdom’s commitment to continue fighting all those who harbors terrorists.

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