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Second phase of "Shaghaf" Program kicks off in US

Riyadh - SPA
2017-07-17 14:39:12

    The second phase of the Saudi Philanthropic Fellowship Program "Shaghaf" was launched in the United States on July 10, in cooperation between the King Khalid Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The program, presented by 10 Saudis, is aimed at training young men and women to lead the transformation in the non-profit-sector in the Kingdom, support the long-term activities of the non-profit sector, and improve the level of services provided by non-profit organizations to the targeted groups.

Participants in the second phase are those who have successfully passed the first phase which includes working in Saudi non-profit organizations and institutions, in addition to joining a series of workshops specialized in the fields of creativity and innovation and improving institutional and personal communication skills.

The three-week program includes an exploratory trip to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Partners to inspire their non-profit models and learn more about their experiences in strategic voluntary work including an intensive training program at Columbia University in New York lectured by academics and voluntary work leaders in the United States of America, as well as several training stations covering a wide range of skills needed by volunteers.

The training program is followed by a series of interactive visits to several voluntary institutions such as Ford International and the Red Hook Foundation for Philanthropy and other relevant institutions in the United States of America.

The second phase gives prime importance to enhancing the team management and strategic communication skills of participants, followed by intensive workshops in negotiation and financial management, and lastly, measuring organizational performance and building team culture.

"Shaghaf" program is the first cooperation between King Khalid Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It aims at achieving several strategic goals necessary to create a positive stereotype of the non-profit sector in the Kingdom and demonstrate the attractiveness of this sector to the brightest Saudi minds. The program is also aimed at improving the demand on professions in the non-profit sector and creating a promising environment for professional practice and the transfer of international experiences in voluntary work.

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