First English Daily Published From The Saudi Capital | 19-09-2017 18:08

Saudi Clinics treat 3158 Syrians in Al-Zaatari camp, Jordan

Amman - SPA
2017-08-25 15:14:45

    Saudi Specialized Clinics of Saudi National Campaign for Supporting Brothers in Syria have treated 3158 Syrian refugees in Al-Zaatari camp in Jordan in all medical specialties during the 242nd week of starting their services in the camp.

The medical director of the Clinics Dr. Hamed Al-Mufalani pointed out that the Saudi Specialized Clinics through their 16 specialty clinics have been providing comprehensive medical services on a regular basis by specialized medical staff with high efficiency in Al-Zaatari camp .

For his part, the Regional Director of the Saudi National Campaign Dr. Badr bin Abdul Rahman Al-Samhan said that the campaign is continuing relief works and providing humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, stressing paying special attention to health programs according to the standards of the international medical work to provide optimal treatment for Syrian refugees.

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