First English Daily Published From The Saudi Capital | 19-09-2017 18:15

Joint Forces denies targeting civilians in Yemen

2017-08-25 23:15:58

    The Joint Forces Command has reviewed what was circulated among the media regarding the allegations that the coalition aircrafts have targeted a house in Fag Attan (South of Sana'a).

Col. Turki Al-Malki spokesman for coalition forces in Yemen assured that the command is reviewing all of its operations in the designated area in that timeframe and announce the preliminary findings.

The Command wishes to ensure that all its procedures are carried out in accordance with the rules of engagement and International Humanitarian Law.

The command reaffirms its obligation towards the protection of civilians and sparing them the fallouts of conflicts, and that its operations are conducted according to the rules and procedures of engagement which dictate that determining military targets goes through many stages, the first of which is nominating the target, ensuring that it is, in fact, a military one through different sources and eliminating any errors in the targeting process, as well as taking into consideration that every location in Yemen is dealt with as a civilian one until proven, beyond doubt, otherwise.

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