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Hathloul that I had known

Turki Abdulla Al Sadiri
2012-10-03 16:58:46

    I had the honor of being introduced to his highness Prince Hathloul Bin Abdul Aziz when sport used to occupy our concern and all of our time. Sports, at that time, used to be the only available activity for filling the time of the numerous young men available in the clubs and playgrounds. The location of Al-Hilal Club at that time was at the beginning of Al-Dhaheera Street which was interoperated with Al-KhazaanStreet that used to be considered, then, the longest and newest one. Before that, the location of the club was in a building which entrance was in Al-Wazeer Street. At that time, going for a walk in Al-Wazeer Street used to mean that you have made a visit to a modern developed country.

He used to be known, God’s mercy be upon him, as a supporter of Al-Hilal Club which to have tough competitions with Al-Shabab Club (ranked as a first grade club) and Ahli Al-Riyadh, which was increased later when Al-Nasr club joined those competitions.

Mr. Abdul Raman Bin Saeed, God’s Mercy be Upon him, who established Al-Hilal Club and provided it with all means of development departed the leadership of the club at that time and His Highness Prince Hathloul occupied the vacant leadership position after him. The Prince was not seeking the stardom but was seeking to support the club which was a strong one already at that time, through cooperation with Mr. Bin Saeed. He was not seeking stardom due to that he was a very unique model of young men in regard to his treatment to people through the times of his presence with them. He never cared for looking unlike anyone around him. His house was almost a public club where he used to welcome all sportsmen, including those who were not among the players or supporters of Al-Hilal Club.

That time was no less than forty years ago. These forty years represented the time period in which I had a relationship with his honorable highness, God’s Mercy be upon him. A relationship of mutual respect used to be between him and many others, including myself. There used to be meetings in the club or in the desert safari trips which were common at that time in which people used to depart the capital from the eastern side close to Bin Dael Café or from the Western one towards “Al Malaga,” a desert place far away from the city, which is opposite to Al-Yamamah Press now & full of neat streets and houses. In such groups meetings with his highness in the club or out of town; we were not representing a special group which are away from the concerns of others. In each assembly of those, we used to represent a sport presence who deals in a good way with others. He who used to impose the good treatment was His Highness Prince Hathloul, God’s Mercy be upon him. During all of that time; he had always been a respectful and appreciated man by all the people around him. He had never been isolating himself through a behavior that abandons him from others or makes him better than them. He was a man of fluffy feelings, modest treatment & human relationships, in addition to his being the friend of all sportsmen and the man of the first appreciation.

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