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Saudi Arabia: Israeli Violations are against International Laws

Geneva - SPA:
2013-09-23 22:57:41

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stressed that the Israeli continual flagrant violations of human rights and humanity, including the 4th Geneva Convention, causes deep sadness and painfulness to peace,-dignity-and-freedom lovers.

In a speech before the Human Rights Council in Geneva today, Faisal bin Hasan Trad, the Saudi ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Dukedom of Luxembourg and Head of the Kingdom's diplomatic mission to the European Union, said that human history did not witness such injustice like what the Palestinian people are suffering under the Israeli occupation, noting that the Palestinian people have a legitimate dream to live on their territories and enjoy freedom and dignity similar to other peoples of the world, a right that they are not asking anybody to donate or compromise since the long and bitter struggle started and one that was endorsed by divine and human legitimacy laws.

He called for the stoppage of violations against the Palestinian people, citing that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has contributed and is still contributing to the regional and international efforts to enhance the Palestinian human rights and lift their sufferings, a matter Saudi Arabia takes as an obligation as long as this struggle continues and security and peace are still lacking.

It is unfair that the Palestinian people continue to be deprived from their legitimate rights of independence, freedom and dignity on their independent and sovereign state with the holy Al-Quds as capital on the bases of 1967 parallel, he said.

Ambassador Trad called upon the international community to bear its responsibilities and obligations to enforce the inalienable rights of Palestinian people as stated by the international resolutions, treaties and laws, noting that the occupational force of Israel was behaving and still behaves as an occupational entity with an ethnic abominable nature, citing the expansionist settlements that without any leniency swallow-up the Palestinian territories, the racist separation wall that treks like a snake along the Palestinian territories, the demolition of their properties, the siege that made the country as a wide prison, the collective punishment for a whole people, the deliberate killings, detainment, captivity-taking, enforcing punitive restrictions and arbitrary measures, the tragic situations inside Israeli jails, as well as the excavation works to alter the historic and multi-religious identity of the holy city of Al-Quds in an attempt to change it to pure Jewish place.

Contrary to Israeli thinking and behavior that further harming and suppressing of the Palestinian people might bring security to it, the Saudi ambassador stated that only peace will bring about security.

He added that building the Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories are against the international legislation, citing the sixth paragraph of the 49th article of 4th Geneva Convention and the International Tribunal of Justice statement in 2004 on the illegitimacy of the Jewish settlements.

Trad called on the Human Rights Council to shoulder its legal and ethical responsibilities to alleviate the sufferings of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, including children, women and elders who stay long without judgments and deprived from the right to have advocators in addition to being subject to torture and suffer from bad health circumstances.

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