First English Daily Published From The Saudi Capital | 23-08-2017 11:07

Al-Yamamah Press Establishment:

One of the leading media organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1383 AH 1963 AD and owns more than 60 branches which spread across and outside the Kingdom, and has an extensive network of correspondents. It is considered one of the largest and most successful news organizations in the Arab world, in terms of the growth of its sales figures, in particular through Al Riyadh newspaper, which advertisement space sales is estimated of (140) million dollars a year (*) and employs more than 1500 employees; as editors, administrators, technicians and workers.

(*) 2008 budget according to a report by Al Suwailem and Anizan of Accounting and Auditing

Al Riyadh Newspaper:

The first daily newspaper that was published in Arabic in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first issue was published on 01/01/1385 AH corresponding to 11/5/1965 AD with a limited number of pages. But it continued to develop until it reached a daily publication of 52 pages, 32 pages of which are colored pages. Its issues reached 80 - 100 pages and the advertising space exceeded (3) * million cm / column a year and currently occupies center stage in terms of distribution rates, readership and advertising space in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is edited by a group of elite writers and editors, and it is the first Saudi publication that registers a growth rate of (100%) in Saudizing editorial jobs.

Al Yamamah Magazine:

Al-Yamamah is the first print press publication that is issued from the central region of Saudi Arabia. It was first issued by a prominent figure in the Arabian Peninsula, Sheikh Hamad Al-Jasser in Dhu al-Hijjah1372 AH as a monthly magazine of 42-pages, and then transformed into a weekly newspaper published in 4 pages during the month of Safar 1375 AH. After the issuance of the news organizations system, the first issue of the weekly magazine Al Yamamah was released with a new feel and look on 7 Dhu al-Hijjah 1383 AH publications as one of Al-Yamamah Press publications. Al Yamamah magazine has achieved through its journey that spanned for more than 45 years great strides and made significant development on the path of developing its editorial, direction and printing. Al Yamamah is considered as a main source of information that provides the readers with an outlook to the Arab nation's issues and contemporary concerns. Al Yamamah is distinguished through its commitment to transparency and dedication to the high standards set by the Saudi media environment, policy, professionalism and ethics.

LE MONDE diplomatique:

As an embodiment of its role in culture and the dissemination of knowledge, Al Riyadh newspaper publishes since January (2006 AD) the Arabic version of the LE MONDE diplomatique French newspaper, which is issued in forty languages around the world and read by more than 100 million readers and is written by an elite group of international writers who discuss controversial and pressing political, economic and intellectual issues in the world. It is printed and distributed with Al Riyadh newspaper in the second Friday of each month in a forty page edition.

Al Riyadh Book:

One of the most prominent publications of Al-Yamamah Press, the first monthly issue started since (1993 AD). Every month it addresses a different theme from a new and changing subject. It is prepared by a group of intellectuals and Arab writers. It is considered as one of the most important contributions provided by Al Riyadh newspaper to the Arab culture and it is sold to the reader for a nominal fee.

A book in a newspaper:

A Cultural Attaché project that is issued by Al Riyadh newspaper in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) within one of the largest Arab newspapers, and Al Riyadh is the only newspaper in the Kingdom that publishes this cultural international project. It is specializes in the publication of the first cultural productions of senior writer and writers in the Arab world. The first issue was published with in Al Riyadh Newspaper on November 5, 1997. A book in a newspaper is considered as part of the issue and is distributed free with the newspaper. This cultural work, which covers the Arab area from the far to the east is considered an outstanding achievements of Al Riyadh newspaper. It is worth mentioning that, the UNESCO chose Al Riyadh newspaper because of its prominent journalistic and cultural status within the major Arab newspapers.


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