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Al Riyadh Newspaper:

The first daily newspaper that was published in Arabic in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first issue was published on 01/01/1385 AH corresponding to 11/5/1965 AD with a limited number of pages. But it continued to develop until it reached a daily publication of 52 pages, 32 pages of which are colored pages. Its issues reached 80 - 100 pages and the advertising space exceeded (3) * million cm / column a year and currently occupies center stage in terms of distribution rates, readership and advertising space in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is edited by a group of elite writers and editors, and it is the first Saudi publication that registers a growth rate of (100%) in Saudizing editorial jobs.

First. Al Markab Neighborhood Phase:

The building of Al Yamamah Press Establishment in Al Markab neighborhood

Al Riyadhwas launched during the early phases of the development movement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it took off from a rented modest headquarters in Al Markab neighborhood in Riyadh, with a mere six pages publication, primitive lead print, single color, sold for only four pennies, managed by no more than ten editors, and last but not least a modest reader seeking his/ her rooted and ancient heritage, which they were still living in at the time.
The press establishment entrance in Al Markab neighborhood

Al Markab neighborhood- the oldest neighborhood of the city of Al Riyadh – represents the first steps towards the inception of Al Riyadh newspaper, which operated from this neighborhood for the first 9 years till 1394. This was a phase characterized by modest beginnings due to the basic human resources and technical aspects. However, this phase is what paved the way to reaching the big dream of Al Riyadh newspaper and city. At this phase Al Riyadhwas able to distinguish itself aside from the rest of publications, and reserve its position in the lead soon after its first print was issued.
Linotype Machine for manual lead letter setting

The dreams of those working at Al Riyadhin Al Markab neighborhood considered simple and unrealized in the viewpoint of others.. However, the ambitious of the men who are loyal to their homeland first, to themselves second and to their fellow citizens third, were able to take this long journey and overcome all obstacles to reach, in the end, to their dream which is still growing today and will continue to grow as and when needed.
Al Riyadh Printing Press – Al Markab Neighborhood

Second. Al Millz Neighborhood Phase:

The building of Al Yamamah Press Establishment in Al Millz Neighborhood

In 1394 the editorial management, the printing press, and staff moved from Al Riyadhto the neighborhood of (Al Millz) to mark the second phase of development .. Where it became possible for Al Riyadh to achieve significant strides in the journalistic arena, and realize most of its ambitions. This included the increase of the number of its pages, introduced offset and color printing, which resulted in a dramatic development of content and form, from the primitive feel and look, and coincided with the increase of the number of workers, technicians, administrative staff, and editors.
His Highness Prince Salman during the the opening of (Al Millz) headquarter

This continued for about 18 years, throughout which the readers interacted with its subjects. Perhaps the biggest achievement of this phase is the attention that was given to recruitment and development of Saudi staff. One of the main priorities was devising a Saudization action plan that comprises of the entire management team.
Proofreading final prints

This phase contributed to the very beginnings of including the Saudi youth in the work of technical sections (print, setting, montage, execution). At this phase Al Riyadhgave a complete opportunity for Saudi youth, in order to realize their ambitions and individuality, where these Saudis can develop this print that will speak out to the readers and renew their promise of confidence and communication.
Al Yamamah Establishment Printing Press in Al Millz Neighborhood

Third. Al Sahafa Neighborhood phase:

Al Yamamah Press Establishment Building in the neighborhood of the Press (Al Sahafah neighborhood)

In the third phase of the evolution and development of journalism, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Prince of Al Riyadh, inaugurated the new building of Al-Yamamah Press Establishment in the neighborhood of the press (formerly Jasmine) on 5/7/1414 corresponding to 18/12/1993, during the opening ceremony Sheikh Abdullah stressed in his speech: ((that such an establishment depicts a good picture of what has been achieved in the Kingdom in various fields and at all levels)) .. His Highness said: ((that this institution represents something more specific if we go back to the past we will see its modest beginnings which was in a simple apartment, now it stands as home of the largest press establishments)).
His Highness Prince Salman during the inauguration of the Press Headquarters

The new building of the Al-Yamamah Press, is similar to a restless bee hive with its daily hustle and bustle. It is a place where all the elements of cultural civilization come together and make up the comprehensiveness of the establishment’s form and structure. Here, check ambition Al Riyadh’s ambitions and those ambitions of its readers were realized. Starting from the primitive lead print, to the use of the latest printing techniques, which are fully automated from the first to the last step, using modern equipment. It is worth mentioning that Al Riyadh was the first to develop the new stages of printing, and move from printing with a single color, to reaching the most sophisticated techniques of color printing and moving from a rented small building, to establishing their headquarters to an area of about 20 thousand square meters.
Prince slaman with Al sheikh Hamad Al Jasir during the inauguration ceremony

This is how Al Riyadh kept up with the pace of the natural evolution of the newspaper, and the overall development movement in Saudi life. But more importantly, it played a great role in keeping pace with the intellectual movement and creativity. It has thus become a witness and leading example of the level of achieved development not only in the area of human resources alone but the optimum use of financial and human resources.
A group photo after laying the foundation stone


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